How our 5-step verification system makes parties safe for women

Going to a stranger’s house to party with other strangers in the night in Delhi probably sounds like any woman’s worst nightmare.

You want to have a fun time at a masquerade party or a chai sutta affair, but what if there are creeps?

When creating MyScoot, we thought of that problem. We want our female guests to have a super-fun experience, without worrying about their safety. So we came up with several ways to ensure that our partes are creep-free:

We have a five-step verification system

  1. Our system cross-verifies all the information a person provides and churns out anybody who is on a criminal list or who has provided false data.
  2. We call each person and have a conversation with them to make sure he or she is a genuine person fit for our parties. Only once we’ve called and manually cleared a person, can he or she send a request to book any event.
  3. The hosts of a party then have the power to manually go through the guests’ profiles, and approve or decline each person’s request as they see fit for their houseparty. So if as a host you feel that a person is not the right fit or is giving you creepy vibes, you have the power to decline them from attending your party.
  4. There is always someone from our team present, making sure that everything runs smoothly while you party amongst other verified members. If someone seems shady, you can seek help from our team ambassador. If someone misbehaves, they will be taken out of the party, and banned from any future ones.
  5. We have a ratings and reviews system. Hosts are only allowed to host and guests only allowed to attend if they have received positive reviews. You can see how every host and guest has been reviewed on our page.

So our parties are safe to attend. More than a thousand parties have been put up on our platform, and we have never had an issue or a complaint of a guest or a host behaving inappropriately. Of course, if there is ever any problem, you can immediately contact us and we will sort it out, but our 5-step system safety system ensures the safety of all women and men.