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Creative Ways to Spend a Weekend Alone

Weekend goals are different for different people. While some would want nothing more than a night out on the town, there are others who’d love to kick back and relax at home. Of course, one would always love the company of friends whether you choose to stay in or head out.

But finding people who share your interests may not always be possible. Especially in a new city where you may not have yet built a circle of friends. So what are some creative ways to spend a weekend alone, not be bored and not have to forcibly stay in because of a lack of company?

Pick one of the following:

  1.       Plan a Solo Getaway

Solo trips are a great way to get away from the city lights, have fun and allow yourself to discover more. You get to meet the locals or possibly other solo travelers like yourself.  Spending time on your own is a great way to boost your self-confidence as well. Indulge in some quality ‘me time’, have control over how you choose to spend your money and be the boss of your plans.

  1.       Take a Hike

Spending a weekend alone doesn’t mean that you have to spend it at home. A long hike is a great way to clear your head and destress. Besides, a hike is best enjoyed by yourself. It’s a quiet, peaceful way to spend time and really take a break. If there aren’t any immediate hiking options available, then drive up or take a bus to the nearest hill station and soak in the greenery there.

  1.       Play Host

You don’t always need to know a bunch of people to host a party. With the help of innovative startups like MyScoot, it’s easy to host themed house parties and interact with people who share your interest. What’s more, you can also earn from it.

So the next time you are alone on a weekend, take the opportunity to meet new people. Game night, poetry reading or even a GOT marathon- it’s a rather creative way to spend the weekend when you are alone but would love to meet like-minded folks. What’s more, you have every assistance needed to put it together and you can also choose who you want to attend your gathering.

  1.       Try a New Workout

Book a class at your nearest gym and invest in some precious time for your body. Looping, kickboxing, HIIT sessions, Zumba, are all great ways to stay in shape, clear your mind and focus on yourself. Burn those calories and feel energetic at the same time. You might just find a workout that interests you and motivates you to exercise more often.

What to do on a weekend alone can be a real mood killer if you aren’t creative with your ideas. But think outside the box and you’ll find there’s plenty to explore. Weekends are a time to give yourself the break you need and explore the sights and sounds of a new place. You can pursue that interest you ignored or make some new friends through services like MyScoot.

Ready for some unexpected fun and solo adventuring now?


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