Fun house-party ideas

While a normal party, with lots of amazing people, food, drinks, drinking games and music is always loads of fun, sometimes we all feel like doing something different.

In the past, we’ve had masquerade, neon glow, improv night, board-games, live music, toga pool party, and other themed parties which have been a blast.

So we thought we would talk about some other super-fun parties that you could throw:

1) A karaoke party


Sing your heart out-take turns with your guests singing on a karaoke machine.

2) A DIY Photobooth party


Get a few fun props and have a fun time giving the camera your best poses with your new friends.

3) A Throwback Party


Make the dress-code the 60s, 70s, 80s, or whatever era you want. Put music from that era on too!

4) A celebration of a quirky holiday party


Like national ice-cream day, pancake day, opposite day, promposal day, dance day! Serve that food, or wear or do something related to that day.

5) A movie/book themed party


Throw a Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, themed party. Dress and act like the characters, decorate your place, and have a go at some creative food (eg. serve butterbeer or lightning shaped cupcakes).

6) A costume party


Have everyone dresses up as their favourite character and attend. Whoever has the best costume wins.

7) A trivia night party


Write some tricky questions on chits and make two teams. Whoever answers the questions correct wins.

So those were our super-fun party ideas.

Have any others? Let us know.

Now go throw a party- and please invite us!!