Hosting: common concerns

So a lot of our hosts have similar concerns about the process. We thought we would address some of the most common concerns that hosts have had in the past.

1) How do I know my guests aren't creeps?

We have a 5-step verification system that ensures that our parties are completely safe.

Check it out here:

As the host, YOU also have power to approve or decline every guest. You can look at their bios to learn more about them in order to make your judgement.

2) What if there is a problem at my party?

Someone from our team will be there are every party.

We connect you with your Scoot ambassador a few days before the event. They can help you organise the party, help you break the ice between the guests, and help you in anything else you may need.

If you have any concern or problem, simply reach out. We are there to help you every step of the way, from putting up a listing, to actually hosting the party.

3) Everyone can see my address?

Your address is only sent out to guests who have been approved by you. It is not visible on the internet for everyone to see. So there is no chance of random people seeing your address and coming to your house.

4) Why is my event listed for multiple dates?

We do this because some guests may be availible one day, and some the other. By putting your event up for multiple dates, you can see which date is most popular with your guests and host the party on that date.

If only 3 people are availible this Saturday, but 15 people the next, you can go with that one and have a better party.

You have the option to add dates and take them off, so if you're not free one weekend, simply de-select that date, and select the one you are free on.

5) I don't have enough interests for my party?

A lot of hosts start to worry a few days before the party about the fact that they only have 1-3 interests, or none at all.

However, guests usually only send interests on the same day as the party- often just a few hours before the event.

And if enough guests haven't sent their interest by the time your party is going to start- don't worry. We will re-scehdule the party for another date when more guests can attend.

6) Only men have sent their interests to my party?

We won't hold the event if only men have sent their interests. We only hold parties if an equal, or almost equal number of men and women are attending.

As a host, you also have the power to approve/decline the guests who want to attend your party. We recommend you also try to keep the gender ratio equal at your party.

Any other questions or concerns?

Comment and let us know!