How a great bio helps generate interest in your event

Hey Guys,

Let me be really honest with you about my view on short bios - they are really shitty. Period.

They don’t tell you anything about the person- “Hi I’m Riya based in Delhi” just doesn’t cut it.

It doesn’t tell me anything about who the person Riya is- her likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions, work, pets, quirks- nothing. Riya isn’t a unique individual in my eyes, but just someone who lives in Delhi. I already know many people in Delhi. I want to know how Riya is unique in a sea of Delhites.

Bios are important- clever ones can make you want to follow a complete stranger on twitter. They’re especially important for your MyScoot profile, since it’s all about strangers partying together.

If you’re a host, your bio is the first touchpoint for strangers coming to your party. They need to know a little about who you are to feel comfortable attending it.

You can tell a lot about a person from 3-7 lines. They humanise the stranger for us, lifting the veil from just name and picture.

Think about it- if someone hasn’t written anything, or if someone has just written
“Hi I’m Riya based in Delhi”
compared to if someone has written:

“Hi, I’m Saloni. I’m originally from Chandigarh but stay in New Delhi. I have a beautiful home with a terrace garden where I would like to host parties. I love meeting new people- have always been really extroverted and outgoing, so I’m very excited to throw parties so I can meet you all :) Always down to chat, drink, dance and have a good time. Love a hot cup of coffee and a good book on rainy days and don’t mind a beer on sunny days :) Am a foodie and have the travel bug- get ready for some interesting homecooked meals :p I also play the guitar and sing, so if anyone wants to jam- I’m in.”

You want to go to any party Saloni hosts, don’t you? You want to know more about her and you want to go to her party because she seems like a really cool person. And you’d love to have her at your party so you can jam and share travel stories.

And when people attend Saloni’s party, they’ll have her beautiful home to compliment, her dogs to “awwww” over and travels, music, and books to discuss with their host.

You don’t have to have a compelling origin story, a fancy house or any furry creatures to have a good bio.

Just try including some facts about yourself, such as:

  • Hometown & work
  • Hobbies
  • Favourite food, t.v show
  • If you have any pets
  • What you’re most passionate about
  • Why you want to host parties or attend them

If there’s anything really unique or quirky about you, or if you have a fun fact about yourself, you can include that too- can you wiggle your ears, eat extremely spicy food? Have you been to more than 20 countries, were you on a reality t.v show?

Say it in your bio.

We’ve learnt a lot about bios today.

So go, go right now, and write that bio about yourself.

Please, we really really want to get to know you.

Until next time!

Bear hugs,

MyScoot Team
Forever eager to meet you