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How to approach and talk to someone you don't know?

Every once in a while, we all find ourselves in a situation of wanting to talk to a complete stranger.

And if you're anything like most of the people out there, you also find it hard to approach someone and talk to them. I'm gonna address that exact issue in this short article.

Before starting, you have to get the fact straight that talking to strangers is not hard. In fact, it's pretty easy.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Commit yourself in the first ten seconds

All it involves is deciding in the first ten seconds if you're gonna approach the stranger or not.

You generally get stuck up in your mind if you spend too much time thinking whether to approach someone or not. Just think I'm gonna do this and go for it.

  1. Stop thinking and use the best opener out there

For the love of god, don't waste your time and energy in coming up with a good opener. It generally takes a lot of presence of mind to come up with good openers.

Instead, use the universal opener - HELLO. I'm sure you've heard of it. If you give yourself too much time to think what to say, you'll end up not approaching the stranger at all. So, stop thinking and just say hello!

  1. Open up your body language

Do you know the human (subconscious) mind reads body language faster than sounds?

Your body language carries a lot of weight in your conversations. Make sure you're not carrying a closed body language.

Don't bring a glass, a phone or a bag between you and the other person. Approaching someone confidently makes a lot of difference in how they perceive you. Appear calm & composed.

  1. Remember the name

Ask for the person's name and use it in the conversation. The possibility of them liking you will increase when you use their name.

  1. Play by the rules

Yep, you read that right!

The thing is that there are no universal laws for social settings. They are different for different situations.

So, try to observe them and use them to your advantage. The social setting of a club is different from that of a business networking dinner.

Don't try to bring noise to a cool environment or calm into a sizzling energetic room. Observe the rules and play by them!

  1. Be you

This is more of a cliche.

I think the goal behind 'being you' is to always bring the truth and only the truth into the conversation. Being true to the other person and to yourself makes the conversation more relatable to the other person.

Trust me, you're gonna end up making good friends out of the ones you're really honest with.

  1. Smile, a lot

Nobody likes a dull person. Ask yourself, who would you rather talk to - a person who keeps a straight face while talking to you or someone who genuinely smiles during the conversation? Get it?

  1. Prepare to hear 'No'

Even after doing all the above things, you'll find people who'll not want to have a conversation with you. And that's totally fine.

You just have to be ready for being a human, not everyone is gonna like you or want to talk to you. Accepting this very fact brings a huge positivity in you and now you're okay with the worst that could happen - them saying no.

I hope this made sense. The most important factor is to start. Just break your mental barrier once.

Think I haven't covered all? Why don't you add more points in the comments section? Also, I'd love to know about your experience of talking to strangers. Let me know about them as well.