How to break the ice between your guests

As the host, you play an important part in making sure a bunch of complete strangers become comfortable with talking to each other.


You don’t want a party where people are awkwardly looking at their phones and avoiding eye contact- that’s fun for no one.


Here are 4 easy ways to get things going:

1) Introduce yourself: introduce yourself to every guest who enters.


Tell them where you’re from, what you do, what your hobbies and passions are, and then ask them about theirs.

2) Check their bios before the party for some conversation starters.


If their bio says they like wathcing tennis, you can ask them who their favourite player is. Or if it says they're a foodie, what one food could they not live without?

Both you and your guests will feel more comfortable having unstrangered at this basic level.

3) Help guests converse: once you know a little about all your guests, help them talk to each other.


If you’ve learnt Rahul likes singing, and then Neha comes in through the door and tells you she likes singing too, help them connect. Say “Hey Rahul, this is Neha. She loves singing too.”

Great, now they have something to talk about.

4) Unstrangering games:


Two truths and a lie is a great one: get everyone to write two truths and a lie about themselves on a chit and put it in a hat.

Sit in a circle and one-by-one have guests pull the chits out. Each guest upon pulling a chit out has to guess which person the two truths and one lie are about.

The game is a great way to get to know more about someone in a fun and interesting way- Who got really drunk at a work-party? Who’s banned from Hamleys?

Aaaand those are our 4 easy tips to get convo flowing.

So now there's no need to fret about whether people will open up or not- they will!