How to make your listing stand out

So you’ve planned the perfect party, from a lit playlist to yummy finger food to delicious cocktails and fun party games.


Your event is awesome, but it needs to look awesome on our event page too.

You gotta make people click on it.

Here are 5 tips to make your event the one that makes everyone click that littlepurple “Request to Book” button:

1) Title

The first glimpse guests get of your event is on the event page amongst a sea of many other amazing events.


So, the title should be something that is striking but also tells the guest what will happen at the event.

For example, “Cocktails under the stars”.

It’s fancy and appealing, and it tells you that the party will probably be held in the open and involve delicious cocktails.

2) Pics

We’ve sorted out a formula for the pics that will make your guests want to come.

You should have 5 pics:

  1. 2 pics of people having fun at your place.

If you don’t have one, no problem- tell us, and we’ll put one from our previous events up for you :)


  1. 1 pic of the food and drink expected at the party


  1. 2 pics of your place/ the venue the party is being held at


Having these 5 pics, along with the description gives the guests enough info to know what to expect from the party.

3) The description


This is so important!

A boring description like
“There will be music and drinks. We will chat,” is too little.

We want something more like

“Hey Guys,
I’m holding a drinking and dancing social at my place. I’m ordering pizza and making some snacks, and there will be a few rounds of drinks like beer, vodka, rum, going around. We’ll start by introducing ourselves and getting to know each other by playing two truths and a lie. Then we’ll share stories and dance till late into the night. I’ll play music on my speakers- I have a great playlist for us to dance on. I love meeting new people and making new friends, and I think this is the perfect way for us to all relax before the hectic week ahead of us. So come along for a chill night of pizza, drinking, dancing and more fun! :)

  • Here’s what to expect:
  • Pizza and snacks
  • Beer, vodka, and rum
  • A groovy playlist
  • Some ice-breakers and introductions
  • Chatting and dancing!”

So come along to my place for a night of drinking, dancing, and fun! :)

Makes you want to go, doesn’t it?

So when you’re writing your description, include:

  • A casual greeting
  • A line or two about food and drink
  • 2 lines about what you plan to do at the party
  • Anything fun/unique- Glow bands? Face paint? 30 different types of tea? Puppies?
  • A “Here’s what to expect” section: bullet point the key details so your guests can quickly see exactly what to expect.
  • Sign off, inviting everyone over
  • Add a :)

4) Amenities

Make sure the details of food and drink in your description match with what you’ve put in the amenities section!

5) House rules

Be clear about your house rules- if you don’t want guests smoking, make sure to click the button which says “Smoking is not allowed”.

You can let guests know about parking, staying over availability, and other such thing through amenities too.


And that’s all you gotta do to make your listing look ah-mazing for guests.

So quick, put your nice and pretty listing up and get ready for a blast.