How to throw a happening party & make money at the same time- a comprehensive guide

Hey Guys,

So you’ve become a host with MyScoot and now you’re throwing a party.


You want to throw one so amazing that other parties wish they were your party. Your place will look awesome and you’ll have tasty food and drinks. Everyone will gell and have a good time. And, you’ll actually end up making some ₹₹₹.

We’re sure you must have many great ideas on how to throw the perfect bash- maybe some unique things you’ve thought of that aren’t at any other party.

But here are 7 tips for an amazing time for both you and your guests:

1. Decor


Your place should look like somewhere where people want to spend their evening- think aesthetics.

You can try dimming the lights and turning on lamps to set the mood. Putting up fairy lights also equals instant cuteness!

You can make it cosy by putting cushions/ mattresses on the floor for the guests to sit on.

2. Food and drink


We all do things for one reason at the end of the day- food. And drink.

So make sure that you deliver what you promised: whether it’s pizza, pakodas, chips or a few rounds of cocktails or coke - make sure it’s all there.

If possible, try cooking something or serving something that’s been made at home to show your guests some extra louve <3

3. Music


Make a playlist or 2 beforehand for your party.

Keep slower, softer songs for a more chill evening, and faster, more upbeat tunes if it’s more of a dance party kinda night.

4. Stay within your budget


When estimating how much you’ll charge each guest, think about how much money will cover the cost of:

  1. Food & drink
  2. Any games you want to play
  3. Any decor you need

If you stick to your budget, you’ll actually earn from throwing a party!

5. Ice-break


You don’t want a party where people are awkwardly looking at their phones and avoiding eye contact- that’s fun for no one.

Here are some easy ways to get things going:

  1. Introduce yourself every guest who enters.
  2. Look at their guest profiles before the party for conversation starters
  3. Help guests converse: introduce them to each other
  4. Play ice-breaking games: two truths and a lie, truth or dare, never have I ever

6. Circulate


Is everyone chatting, drinking, dancing? Is anyone in a corner by themselves?

If they are, drag them into a conversation or onto the dance floor. Ask them if there is any reason they’re not having fun- is there anything you can do to help?

Parties are most fun when everyone is sharing their stories and dancing- the more the merrier.

7. Speak to our ambassadors


There will always be one person from our team at every event making sure things are going well for you as well as for the guests.

They’ll come before all the guests in case you need any help. If you’re confused about anything or need any help, just reach out!

Aaaaand that’s it.

Those are our 7 tips for an amazing time.

Now the ball’s in your court.

YOU have to throw a party.

Click “host” and throw one.

We look forward to attending!