Keep your passion alive

We all have something we love to do that we don’t get enough time for. It can be writing, hiking, playing the guitar, gardening or anything else.

But somewhere along the way, work, chores, socialising, and life in general got in the way and that dream of writing a novel, starting a band, or acting gets kept aside.

So how do you work on your passion alive when the only time you’ve got is a few hours after work or on the weekend?

Here are some tips:

1) Schedule a time and tell your loved ones about it


Schedule a time for whatever it is you want to do- for example, running from 5pm-6pm on Sundays, and then tell your loved ones about it so that they make sure you stick to it.

2) Break it down


Aim to write 3 pages a day, or learn just the chords of half a song on the guitar. This way, you’re still making progress on what you love, and it doesn’t seem such an impossible task as writing a novel.

3) Join a group


Join a group of people who share the same passion- like a basketball team or an arts and craft club. This way you’ll stay motivated to keep working on your passion.

4) Share your passion with others and earn money while doing it


Start your own improv group or organise a music event where you can all jam together through MyScoot. You can actually earn money while hosting a jamming session, a theatre, art, or cooking workshop, or even a book or poetry club. This way, you can spend time on your passion while gaining something from it.