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How to make friends as an adult

Of the many people you know, there are only a few who you might call your friends. And usually, they are the ones you’ve grown up with and spent time within school or college. Shared interests, common likes and dislikes bring you together. But then, life happens.  Career demands force you to move out. And as friends drift away, lengthy conversations are relegated to Whatsapp chats. And daily gossip is a pre-scheduled catch up over the phone once a month, or worse, a year.

As kids, making friends is easy- share a toy, own that cricket bat, have a party, be a supplier of the yummiest goodies in your lunchbox. But why is it so difficult to forge new friendships as an adult? The very first and possibly the only hurdle you face in a new city is where do you go to find a friend? It’s not like you walk up to someone in a bar and ask them to be your friend like you would ask someone out on a date.

So how then do you go about making friends as an adult?



1.    Join a Club

Think about it. Every time you’ve made a friend, what has brought you together is a shared interest or opinion. Be it the teacher you disliked, the sport you loved, the hobbies you shared, your commonality is what brought you together.

And so, the most obvious way to make new friends is to join a club where your chances of meeting like-minded folks are high. Whether it’s a book club, a photography club, a dance studio or even a gym. Walk into a space where you can share an interest with someone and you’ll probably be able to walk out with a friend. If you’re unsure of where to begin, well, that’s where you can leverage the online world. Reddit, Meetup, or Facebook Events, for instance, give you all the information you need to find the kind of circle you’d like to be a part of. Hop online and then get offline to know those groups for real. With MyScoot you can easily find like-minded people to have a gathering with and then head out to live the experience for real. 


  1.       Get Out

Step out of the confines of your home or office. Go for an evening stroll or an early morning jog. Pretty soon, you’ll spot the regulars. They will know you too. From then on, it won’t feel like an uphill task. 

Sounds like to much effort? Check out these awesome experiences in your neighborhood where you can choose to meet exactly your kind of people.


  1.       Social Media

Many offline friendships today start off online.  Hashtags are a great way to spot people you may have something in common with. A few comments (genuine ones), a like or two and you are on the road to strike up a real conversation. Stay clear of ‘do you want to do fraandship with me’ and you should be fine.


  1.       Get together!

If you’re not too sure about going out to make friends, get them to come to you. Hosting a house party is a great way to unwind and get to know people. An easy, safe space offers people the confidence to let their hair down and be themselves. And that’s when friendships happen with ease.

And thanks to MyScoot, not only will you have a group of people with similar tastes, but you can also make some money while you’re having fun. Since you’ve already announced the theme of the party,  you can expect to have the conversations and laughs you’ve been longing for.

Fond of dogs? Go ahead and host that ‘paw’fect pet-friendly party. Or join one hosted by someone else. So from an evening filled with board games to a silent reading party, a poetry reading, to retro night- there are so many ways for you to explore friendships in a new city, with MyScoot.

So ditch the loneliness and host your party. Because making new friends as an adult used to be hard.

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