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How To Make Friends If You Work 8+ Hours A Day

As children, we all had our ways of living and soaking in the magic of friendships.

Sometimes, that meant just sitting and blabbering for hours. Other times it meant helping our friend get the girl. Yet other times, it meant bringing extra helpings of rajma chawal because your best friend would leave nothing for you otherwise.

As an adult though, we and our friends get busy with work and life. P. Graduation, job, promotions, more studies- all keep us busy. What once was tagged as true friendship, gets leveled down to birthday messages sent religiously every year.

And you are not alone in this. As a working adult who doesn’t have the time to keep up with friends and make new ones, you are not alone. We are all in this together. 

It was 1985 when on average, people had 5 close friends. In 2004 only, that number went down to 2. If you talk about today, the number would be the same or maybe even less. We are so occupied by our work life that making new friends seem like a daunting task.

But, is it tough to make friends?

Not really. You can work 8+ hours a day and can still have room for new friendships. In a world where Marvel and F.R.I.E.N.D.S have everyone united, do you need to worry about how to start a conversation? Nope. You just need to scout for places and ways to meet new people and see who you vibe with! 

Following are some ways which can help you bring back the friendship magic in your life:

  • Old is gold

Catching up with old friends is easier than trying to bring new people into your life so why not start there? The best part is that it doesn’t need a lot of effort. You have a history with them and you both know each other relatively well. Find them on social sites, drop into their WhatsApp inbox, drop a text and boom! You have made a new friend.

But what if your friendship has dwindled over the years and it feels too awkward to text an old friend? This approach won’t work and the reason why we have another.

  • Listen and celebrate

Various studies reveal that being likable is more about how you listen to people and ask them to tell you more. It helps the person to open up in front of you which gradually builds up to a strong understanding. If you try to show off at first without listening, people won’t like it and may moonwalk out of your orbit.

Whether with old friends or new, try the listening approach. An upside is that when people talk about themselves and you listen, you get the chance to see if they are your kind of person.

Another important aspect of this is having a positive approach to someone’s success. People love it. Be enthusiastic and encouraging when one tells you good things about their life. The strongest, deepest, and most trusted relationships emerge from how friends respond to each other’s losses or reversals and to the good news as well.

  • Vulnerability helps

Nobody shares a close relationship by just discussing the generics. You have to open up a bit for the person to trust you. Personal discussions are usually between two close friends. If you don’t open up now, what are you going to discuss? The weather?

However, going full TMI mode is not good either. Knowing what to tell at the initial level of your friendship is what you have to decide. But once you do, the person will know you’re putting yourself at emotional, psychological risk. And it encourages them to build a rapport with you.

  • Social groups

Social gatherings and meetups have known to build strong relationships with like-minded individuals. 

Take the help of different platforms like MyScoot to know what social events are scheduled nearby. Attend meetups, parties, or events organized by these organizations and you will know there are plenty of people out there. If possible, take part in open mics and showcase your talent. People love confident and talented individuals. Be a part of social groups that conducts weekly lunch, monthly movie night, or anything that involves you stepping into a room full of strangers. It truly helps. If you can’t find one, start one!


The bottom line, it does not take a lot to start making new friends. (A few how you doin’ maybe if you’re the risky type 😉 ) 

Reach out to your old friends, call them up for a small get-together and revive the relationship. For new friendships, just be yourself and focus on listening more. All-in-all, it’s not tough to make friends. Put on a happy face, and take the first step.

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