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Meet our host- Radhika!


Radhika’s passion is alcohol- not just its consumption, but its elements, the different types, and how they balance out to make the perfect drink.

She’s taken bartending courses and knows plenty about flavour profiles, gins, and other spirits.

Radhika is eager to share her passion with friends; she enjoys making drinks for her friends at her place rather than going to bars and clubs with them. At home, it’s also less noisy and there’s less of loud music and drunken dancing, and more of slow tunes which enable good conversation and real connection.

After moving to Gurgaon from Bangalore, Radhika’s found that sharing her passion is one way to meet and connect with new people. She’s hosted a mixology event where she’s made cocktails with a bunch of new people.

“I want it to be an informal thing,” says Radhika. “A fun low-key party for anyone who is passionate about alcohol or wants to learn more. We’ll learn about the different elements and flavour profiles that alcohol has by creating cocktails and then drinking them.”

It’s a way for her to meet new people and make new friends doing what she loves. After having a great time holding a mixology event for the first time in July. Radhika’s hosting more mixology workshops.

Radhika wants to host her event multiple times- using MyScoot’s platform, she wants to create an experience. This way she’ll be able to regularly share her passion with people, make friends and connections, and earn some money.

She hopes you’ll join her superfun mixology event-

“I want people to leave having learnt more about alcohol and having had loads of fun.”

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