Meet our host- Saurabh!


Saurabh has always been a huge foodie- he loves both eating food, as well as making it.

Besides working a corporate job, Saurabh also owns a few restaurants and has his own catering company.

Cooking and eating alone isn't enough; Saurabh is eager to share his love with those around him. He's super social and loves meeting new people by throwing parties at his place.

He held a "Cocktails under the stars" event with MyScoot and loved the experience of doing it because of the conenctions he formed and the different kinds of people he met.

"Many interesting people attended my party," says Saurabh. "There were a couple of from the army, a pilot, a doctor, and an adventure enthusiast who makes his own camping gear."

His new friends loved his food, and one is now a client for his catering business.

After hosting an amazing cocktail party, Saurabh is hosting a Chardonnay and cheese party. It will be another night of new friends sharing their stories, adventures, and passions while tasting Saurabh's lovely food.

For someone who wants to network and enjoys partying immensely, throwing parties is the ideal way to do it.

"I find business networking events very tiresome," says Saurabh. "MyScoot Hosting lets me network in a way I prefer - at night, and people having a good time with cocktails flowing."