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Your new friends are waiting outside clubs and offices

As an adult, making friends is hard.

When we start a job and relocate, the handful of friends we are left with are those from high school, college, and maybe 1-2 from our old jobs. Oh, not to forget the ones who dedicatedly reply to our Instagram stories.

And so, adulthood can seem hard. Lonely and difficult to go through. Friends would make it easier but you hardly know anyone well enough in your office or city to call a ‘friend.’ Oh, you do go out with coworkers on the weekend to ‘loosen up’ but there’s no sharing of burdens and childhood fears. And that can get tough.

We are here to tell you, though, that it doesn’t have to be this way. New friends are waiting for you in both known and unexplored corners of the city. The only requirement is to do something to pull them in and lock that first ‘hello.’ And nope, you do not have them join groups on Facebook or stalk people on Instagram. You just have to be willing to get a little unconventional in how you meet people.


Get gathering

MyScoot gatherings are a fun way to meet new people. Here’s why:

  • You do not have to fumble for conversation starters because the gathering is centered around a topic/ theme that all attendees love.
  • People come on an invitation basis. This means that if you are the host then you have the power to say no to anyone whose vibe doesn’t feel right.
  • It is a highly creative setting which means there is a lot of scope for unexpected fun. Poker nights, Harry Potter reading marathons, an Urdu-only mehfil, a masquerade ball- the crazier it is, the more wonderful people you’ll meet.

Meeting new people in such a setting allows for a different kind of connection. It is non-judgemental, without any selfish motive, and eager to know the person in front.

In clubs, people are looking to get drunk, dance, and maybe meet someone new. At offices, people are looking to get work done and get paid. Both places are good for very specific activities. But, not optimal for friendships. There is no space for meaningful conversations that center around the heart, soul, art, and allow one to have good ole fashioned fun.

Also, the environment in which you meet people also affects your energy and attitude towards them. Meeting someone in an artistic gathering where the floor is open for deep topics with wine and maybe a game fo Scrabble, makes you think of them fondly when you recount the evening. The same cannot be said of those you meet at the office or in a club. 

So, as an adult, if you are looking for friends, then you need to expand your horizons and look in places you haven’t thought to before. It is our guarantee that you’ll meet the kind of people with whom you can form treasured bonds. And all it takes is to step out of the office and say no to clubs (at least for a couple of weekends).

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