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Rules for attending an online experience on MyScoot

Hey, there!
During these unprecedented where our society battles with a pandemic, we at MyScoot have come up with online events a way to socialize in times of physical distancing. 
After you have browsed and booked your spots for one of the online events visible on our website, you’ll get the link to join it. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind while attending these online events:
1. Be connected to a stable internet connection for better video quality
2. While it is not a necessity, but try attending it using a laptop instead of a phone
3. Choose a place (inside your home) with good lighting so that everyone can see you easily. On that note, try keeping your video on at all times
4. Make sure you don’t jump in and out of the event. We know it is easy to do since it is an online event but our hosts are curating them keeping a limited audience in mind
5. If you’re not speaking, please keep your audio on mute so that a lot of noise doesn’t get mixed up. Also, make sure you don’t have background noise while attending the event
6. Everyone wears comfortable clothes at home and we don’t have your pajamas. But, please don’t give people surprises with clothing
7. Participate and engage in all ice-breaking games and fun activities. They’re are the core of socializing with new people
Being a considerate guest helps the hosts and us to provide you with a great online experience. See you in front of a screen then!

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