This new platform helps you meet new people via exclusive houseparties, using strict screening criteria

Ever felt tired of meeting creeps at bars, clubs, and on Tinder? Or not being able to get your gang together for a great night of fun?

We all have!

Well, there's a new platform in town which helps you meet new people in your city via houseparties. Sounds new and cool, right?

Scoot works just like AirBnB where you can either attend a houseparty or you can host one at your place. What's more? You can also make money by hosting a houseparty just like you do by hosting guests via AirBnB.


Currently live in Delhi-NCR, the platform uses a three-tier screening system to screen people before allowing them to attend or host a party. First, the platform screens your social profile and public data and approves you. Then the host (who is a normal person like you) gets the power to screen people themselves by accepting or rejecting their interest to join a party. And finally, Scoot sends an ambassador from their side to each party to make sure every party is fun and happens smoothly.


Currently doing at least one or two parties every week, these guys have done more than 65 parties and have helped more than 1k strangers in meeting each other. Moreover, their parties are also based on themes like masquerade ball, drinking games night, wine & salsa, rooftop bonfires, home concerts, poker etc.


According to the reviews on their facebook page, the parties go on till 5-6 in the morning and they maintain a certain gender ratio at their parties. Also, the admission price ranges around Rs 1k per person on average and includes adequate amount of booze & food. So, attending a #ScootHouseparty is pretty east on the pocket. Plus, the hosts allow BYOB as well (how cool is that!?).

The platform has been launched by alumnus from IIM Calcutta who want to change the culutre of how you meet a stranger in India and want to provide you a safe & fun environment for talking to a stranger.

So, when are you trying this out?

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