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Is it safe to attend a Scoot Houseparty at someone's home?

"Is it safe to attend?"

We've been asked this question so many times over the past few months - over emails, phone calls, in media interviews, in investor pitches, in casual conversations and god knows where else.

We’ve answered it so much that now when someone asks us this, we become this person from the move ‘Welcome’:

Remember this guy who threw his 'meri ek taang nakli hai' monolouge whenever he was asked to?

On a serious note - IT IS.
It’s even safer than traveling in an Uber/Ola or staying at an AirBnB. Let me break it down for you a little bit.

First off, Scoot is an invite-only platform. It means that we selectively pick people to invite on the platform. It’s gonna stay that way for a long time, even after we launch our web platform. Only a selected few people are gonna have access to make a profile on the website and attend events. These few will also get a limited number of invites so that they can get more people to the platform. So, we apply the first filter ourselves where we restrict prima facie “creeps” from using the platform.

Secondly, when the platform is live, the host will have the power to select who she wants to accept as a guest for her party. The guest will send their interest with a personalised message and then the host has the power to accept them or not. This is the second filter which we let the user to apply themselves.

There are more filters which’ll come within the product, as a service or which’ll kick off when there are enough users on the platform - SOS buttons, Scoot ambassadors who’ll be present at the event to help out the host and ratings & reviews which’ll help us to filter out low rating hosts/guests from the platforms.

Moreover, when you’re entering a home, you’re entering in a social setting. The fact that it’ll be a social setting makes it hard for creeps to reach there and try something hazardous, because there’ll always be 10-12 people present to handle every situation. So, it’s practically much safer than one-to-one interaction services like AirBnb, Couchsurfing, Uber or Ola.

If you're a first time guest, we also encourage you to bring a friend along so that you have the confidence & company to walk into a room full of strangers.

People have attended our events alone, with a friend, in small groups, and during the day or the night (sometimes all night). We’ve had college students, working women, single people, couples, travelers, people from other cities & even from different countries, people from differnet professinal/educational background and most of them have walked out happy with the experience they’ve had.

We’ve put a lot of thought into it from the safety aspect and each step we take is helping us be better at it. Hope this helps to clear your doubt. Join us soon for your first #ScootHouseparty - you can fill this registration form to request an invite.


PS - I forgot to mention that we’re nice (and borderline cool) people as well. So, you’ll be safe and you’ll have fun as well. :P