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Scoot's exclusive launch - how to get access?

If you've landed here directly, then you already know that Scoot is going exclusive with its upcoming website launch.

But what does that mean exactly?

'Going exclusive' according to us is basically keeping the access open to a selected set of people. So, when the website is released, only a few people will get access to send interests for the parties while the remaining will join our waitlist to get access. We're doing this to maintain the initial quality of users on the platform so that we can throw some crazy house parties.

The way it'll work is that everyone will be able to log in and make their profile on the website. Then, based on our verification process, some will get instant access to the platform and others will get a waitlist number for their profile. Once you have access, you get 2 priority invites to invite 2 people who'll not have to join the queue. Priority invites will be given to a few initial users only.

The exclusive access will come with its own perks:

  1. Attending the best houseparties in town
  2. Being part of our big events and promotional campaigns
  3. Having the power to invite 2 people (via priority invites) on the platform who'll directly jump the queue if they're verified.

Now, people in the queue will be given access as and when we'll be accepting new folks on the platform. If you land up in the waitlist, you'll still be able to jump it by doing these things:

  1. Making sure that your Scoot profile is 100% complete. It includes verifying your email, mobile number, uploading a government ID and completing all the profile fields. A 100% complete profile will be given more weightage over a half completed profile.

  2. Inviting other quality users on the platform using your invite link. Once you're a part of the waitlist, you'll be given your invite link which you can use to invite more people on the platform. Based on how many quality (read: those who get verified) people you refer to the platform, you'll jump the queue ahead of the others.

Why go exclusive at all?

For us at Scoot, the most important focus area is the quality of people we have on the platform. We are not about events, we're about people and the stories they bring with them. We started because we wanted to meet new interesting folks and that's how we're gonna build our community.

Since we started, we've received a huge response from all kinds of people and we're expecting an even bigger response when we launch our website. And because we're a very small team, it'll be a little difficult for us to manage the quality in such a short time period. So, to not compromise on quality and to be able to help out the initial hosts & guests with the concept, we'll be starting with only a limited number of people.

This number will keep increasing based on our ability to have more people on the platform and we'll slowly open up to people who've managed to jump the queue.

I hope this clearly explains how we're launching and what our plans are for the near future. If you've already filled our form, you can increase your chances of getting access by referring more people to us. You can do so by asking them to fill this form and mention your name in comments - Scoot Registration form

In case you still have doubts, feel free to text us on social media or drop a mail on [email protected] :D