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We're launching our website but we're shutting down

Sounds absurd, right?

But, we're doing it. Hang on with me through this and you'll know. First, the website part:

About 6-7 months ago, we threw a 'getting to know friends of friends' house party because we wanted to expand our social circle. Fate had it and within weeks, we started on this journey to change the way you meet strangers in India.

And now, after experimenting and learning a ton of shit on the ground, we're gonna let technology take over most of the process while we focus on helping you throw the best houseparties you've been a part of. So, the beta [read:first draft] version of Scoot's web platform is coming out within the next 4 weeks.

Once the platform is out, you'll be able to browse through various house parties and experiences happening in your city and you'll be able to send your interest directly to the host with a personalised message. As a host, you'll be able to put up your event directly on the website (with our approval) and can accept the guests you like on the basis of the interests you receive.

This will allow us to have multiple parties in a week and to accomodate a little more people on the platform. The users will also be able to give/read ratings and reviews related to a particular user and the last phase of our safety checks will kick in via that. I'll be writing another post on all the features of the website soon, stay tuned for that.

Now, coming to the shutting down part - we at Scoot have decided to be super exclusive when we launch our platform. So, in a way, we're shutting our gates for most of the people out there.

This means only a selective set of people will have access to attend our parties via the platform. Everybody else will have to join a waitlist in order to get access to the platform.

This step is one of our attempts at maintainig the quality intact on the platform so that we can throw the most epic houseparties in the town. We'll open up slowly to more users as and when we feel we can accomodate more.

A more detailed post on our whole exclusivity scene is coming up soon which will give you a clear picture of our exclusive access.

That's it from our side for now, peace out!

PS: Wanna increase your chances to get the exclusive access? Get your friends (both guys and girls) to fill our registration form before we launch our website.