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Steps we’re taking to deal with COVID-19 outbreak in India

As you’re aware already, COVID-19, or commonly known as the ‘coronavirus’ has now been announced a pandemic by WHO. We at MyScoot understand the gravity of the situation and are implementing the following measures to minimize the risk:


1) First off, we’ve canceled all our events that are supposed to have more than 15 attendees and have limited all our gatherings to 15 people only

2) We’ve started to train our hosts for ensuring extra measures around maintaining hygiene – keeping extra hand sanitizers, ordering food from reliable services, keeping hygiene checks on home-made food, and sanitizing commonly used logistics (glasses, mics, etc) and commonly touched surfaces

3) We’ve strictly implemented restrictions around not letting people who’ve been unwell in the past 15 days to host/attend. Our customer support team has been trained on asking relevant questions and we’re making changes in our verification algo to know more around travel-related check-ins

4) We’re also going a step ahead to enquire about health conditions of the immediate family/flatmates of our hosts to ensure our hosts have not been in touch with someone who was unwell

5) We’re training our host mentors (who are present at the events) to keep a check on hygiene at all events and make sure all our preparations are in place. They’ll also alert the guests about precautions to take at the events

6) Our cancelation policy has been revised to provide full refunds to all cancelations due to being unwell. On top of it, we’re incentivizing our users to refrain from joining gatherings if they’re unwell by providing them with extra credits on cancelations so that they can attend future events

7) We’ve also launched special programs to help people host gatherings with their friends and loved ones at their homes – providing monetary and F&B benefits. DM us on Instagram if you’re interested in hosting something for your friends.

We’re committed to provide you with a safe and great experience at our events and assure you that they’ll be a great option for you to have fun without opting for crowded pubs & bars. We’re also open to suggestions on what more we can do – feel free to email us directly on [email protected] or reply to this email. You can also read more about the virus on WHO’s 

Stay safe. Wash your hands.

Sending [sanitized] love,
MyScoot Team

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