Ways to meet single people IRL

Chance are you're at least on one dating app, swiping through an endless pile of pixelated pictures and tiny generic bios which don't really tell you anything about the person at all.


On dating apps, we all spend time crafting the perfect bio and the perfect text to send- and it is so fake. It’s not who we really are, and what people send us isn’t who they really are.


So, here are some ways to meet other single people in real life so that you don’t spend months texting someone only to meet them and realise they don’t like dogs and are actually totally not over their ex.


1. Get set up


Ask you friends to set you up with a friend they think you’d be good with. Since your friends know what you’re like, chances are they’ll know what you’re looking for.

2. Go to friends' parties


Go to the parties your friends throw- even if they’ve invited a different friend-group. You’ll probably share some of the same values and interests as other friends- after all, they’re all friends with your friend.

3. Sit in coffee shops alone


Yeah it sounds counter-intuitive, but you’re more likely to talk to strangers if you’re alone. Grab a cappuccino and a book, and smile at that cutie who's reading the same one on the table opposite.

4. Go to a bar or a club


Put on something nice and shimmy down to the bar near you. There’ll be lots of other single people there- have a drink, smile, and chat away!

  1. Attend events around you


Search up plays, food festivals, and other events that you’re interested in. You can get to know each other while you bond over a common interest.

6. Try meeting people safely at home-hosted, themed parties




MyScoot has parties for single people. The party has food and drinks, along with ice-breakers for everyone to get to know each other, other fun games, and time for chatting and dancing. Talk about your interests and see what people are really like - make real connections with real people.