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Scoot - a bunch of guys who like to party every week or something else?

We'll start off by asking a very simple question:

What according to you is Scoot? Or what do we do at Scoot?

If you're thinking that we have a fun job (job? Ikr? apparently, we do it full time) of partying every weekend then you're 100% right. We do have an amazing job where we party multiple times during a week and which we love.


We don't love it because we get to party a lot, we love it because we're doing something we really really care about:

We're trying to change the culture of how you meet a stranger in India

We personally think that there isn't even an existing culture of meeting and talking to strangers in India. So, essentially, we're trying to create that culture and we do it for two main reasons:

  1. Networking is a scientifically proven super important skill for a person to succeed in life, both personally and professionally. So, meeting a stranger is mostly good for you in one way or other. But, since our childhood, we've been taught not to talk to a stranger and most importantly, nobody ever facilitates casual networking.

  2. Meeting someone new is just restricted to (online)dating. But, there's more to meeting someone new than just dating - you can find a good friend, learn something from someone's experience, enjoy/talk about a common interest, or just chill with some new people when you can't get your friends together. Moreover, this whole online dating culture is fictional from our point of view - it's a culture of impressing someone. We want to set up the culture of expressing yourself to a bunch of known/unknown people in a room without the fear of being judged and then attracting your kind of people to yourself.

We're not an events company and we're definitely not 3 millennial guys looking to party every week as a hobby.

We're so much more than that - we're all about people.

We're about the nervousness you have before entering a room full of strangers; we're about the funny/awkward/amazing experience you share with people; we're about the love you have for Game of Thrones, Friends, dancing or any other theme; we're about the new dance step you learn from a stranger; we're about the business connection you end up making; we're about the feeling of finding a new friend when you move to a new city who is as new as you; we're about the tipsy feeling after winning a drinking game with your team of strangers; we're about the romantic feeling of meeting a stranger who you want to take out on a date; we're about all the future hangout plans that are made with strangers you met 4-5 hours ago; we're about the new experience that you try; we're about the feeling of opening up your home to a bunch of strangers; we're about the culture of sharing and the culture of finding your kind of crazy.

Facilitating those conversations between people and providing that environment is our objective and having fun while doing it is our goal. This is where house parties come in - it's a fun way to unstranger.

It's these connections we are helping people build that make us look forward to the next day at work, to the next party, to the next host, and to the next milestone.

To sum it up, the goal is not to do 10 million house parties but to help 10 million people build millions of connections with each other because according to Suyash, why make small plans?

So, we leave with you an important question now:

What according to you is Scoot- 3 guys who love to party every weekend or something else?

Somvir, Sid, and Suyash