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5 reasons why hosting a gathering is The Best Idea of 2019

Us millennials don’t have to look too far back in history to remember a time when people used to gather and connect. Childhood family trips to nearby hill stations or Sunday outings with the newlywed Chachu and Chachi were standard and common practices. There was no Instagram to interrupt the moments and no filters to shadow the moment.

Fast forward to 2019 and everyone is a so-called introvert because… they prefer to socialize through their phones and don’t feel like going out. Intentional gatherings- unless they are to go the club on weekends- are rare and it’s becoming harder and harder to connect with people without a mobile third-wheeling (or making you feel like a third-wheel).

So, how is the basic human need for connection to be met? Humans are famously known as ‘social animals’ and so how are people- who are willing to connect and communicate- be found? 

Answer: by hosting a very gathering of your own.

What exactly is a gathering?

The concept of gathering goes right back to our childhood roots- intentionally getting together to spend quality time with people. The difference is: while childhood gatherings involved relatives and family friends that you were familiar with, gatherings involve strangers and/ or people who might recognize from somewhere but do not know properly. Things just went up one level, don’t you think?

Why would you think of hosting a gathering?

This a very valid question. In an age of mistrust and dishonesty, why would think of facilitating such gatherings and striking a match to their own homes, so to speak?

Firstly because gatherings aren’t come-all-eat-all buffets. They are highly curated and invitation-based safe spaces where like-minded people come with the intent to connect and get to know each other. They decide upon a major activity of the evening- whether it is having a poetry meetup, a ghazal-style mehfil, a masquerade ball, or a poker night, these gatherings are diverse, fun, and only open to those whom you invite.

This means that anyone who seems suspicious or doesn’t fit in with the vibe you want to create, won’t be attending. As the host, you call the shots on who becomes a part of this (ultra memorable) evening. Apart from that, here a few reasons why your decision to host a gathering would be the best one in 2019:

People are looking for them

They won’t call it a gathering maybe, but people are looking to form meaningful connections beyond the screen. They are looking to meet up with others who share similar interests or hobbies and to let loose their inner geek with them. They are looking to walk away with new contacts who they call best friends for life one day.

You’re in a new city

Gatherings are a great way to meet like-minded people, especially when you’ve moved to a new city. You wouldn’t know a lot of people outside your workplace and gatherings like the MyScoot ones give you ample opportunities to make connections that go beyond professional emails and sitting down to discuss strategy.

You get to flaunt your hosting/ organizational skills

We know it. Some people are absolute wizards in crafting an unforgettable experience for others. They are creative, thoughtful, organized, and planning pros. If this is you and you would love to bring that side out and see it creating smiles around you, then a gathering should be on the cards for you.

Bonus: you earn money too!

When you sign up to host a gathering, not only are you easily connected with people on the MyScoot platform, but you are also monetarily rewarded for creating a safe and interesting space for the people around you.
Nothing can replace the joy of face-to-face connections

Even video calls can’t come close to replicating the magic and the mystery of connecting with another human being in person. We are in an age when we have to prioritize these connections or else, one day we’ll belatedly realize how our Instagram followers are not the ones who’ll be there to celebrate life with us.

Combined, all of the above reasons should make your heart go ‘a big yes!’ to hosting a gathering in 2019. Only 2 months of this year to go and the winter chill is setting in- will you say yes to adding some warmth to your life and some soon-to-be-friends?

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